Committee – April 2014


Minutes of a meeting of the Friends of Tees Heritage Park, held

On 24th April, 2014 at The Fox Covert at 7.00 pm

Present: Doug Nicholson, Marjorie Simpson, Pat Williams, Christine Mundy, Tony Campbell.

1. Apologies for absence: Jan Robinson, Shane Sellers, Mike Richards, Norman Douglas, David Craig.

2. Minutes of previous meeting:  Approved

3. Matters Arising: These will be dealt with through the agenda.

4. Current Position and Future of Tees Heritage Park: The final draft new pamphlets were tabled and explained. All agreed and expressed appreciation of what had been produced. The new stand alone web site is almost complete and will initially be managed by Velvet communications as part of their original commission. The web site will be interactive and include facebook and twitter. A meeting is to be arranged to finalise matters with Velvet and Groundwork. Another meeting can then be arranged to progress matters with the Heritage Park working group members for the future operation/promotion of the Park.

Reference was made to the future of the Aviary and DN reported that discussion were still ongoing for its future. For example, there may be opportunities to link it in some way to the RTR Project.

5. Progress Report on Tees Rediscovered Partnership and relationship to Tees Heritage Park: A decision on the Heritage Lottery Park bid for the Tees Rediscovered project is expected on 13th June. There is to be a site visit and final appraisal with the Lottery Fund members in May at Saltholme. If the bid is successful, Tees Heritage Park will become one of the projects, with emphasis on providing better links and access to and on the river.

6. Updates:

River Users Group: The Group continues to be a productive and effective organisation for progressing matters on the river. At the last meeting reference had been made to the possibility of a Friends of Yarm Riverbank being established, following enquiries from interested parties to Stockton council. Also there have been approaches to introduce more boating facilities operating from Yarm and Preston Park, including hire of rowing boats, canoes etc.

 7. Planning applications/appeals affecting Tees Heritage Park:

Two application for housing for sites in Bassleton Beck valley and one off Busby Way adjoining the Leven Valley Retirement Village site. FTHP had registered objections to all three applications


Membership policy/action: See above.

Website/ Newsletter: It was agreed that a newsletter will be produced.

Future Programme/AGM: Date for AGM to be considered.

 9 AOB Christine raised concerns at the poor state of the River Leven and what could be done to improve matters. Suggested that Tees Rivers Trust should be advised and matter raised at next RUG meeting

Date of next meeting 26th Junedmoz каталог