Committee – August 2014

Minutes of a meeting of the Friends of Tees Heritage Park, held

Present: Doug Nicholson, Jan Robinson, Trevor Jones (FOPP), Mike Richards, Shane Sellers, Tony Campbell, Normand Douglas, David Craig, Louise Baldock.

1. Apologies for absence: Pat Williams, Christine Mundy.

2. Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted

3. Matters arising: Dealt with below.

4. Tees Heritage Park Future The new brochures were distributed to committee members. It was agreed that they could be displayed in appropriate locations (eg Preston Hall) and “donations” of 50p per pamphlet, or £1 for three be suggested – to fund reprints when required. A new education pack aimed at schools and youth groups is now ready for distribution. The leaflets are to be circulated to local councils etc. See also below.

5. Progress report on River Tees Rediscovered Partnership and relationship to Tees Heritage Park: The River Tees Rediscovered project has been granted £1.7m by the Heritage Lottery Fund. This together with match funding will be in the region of £4m available – hopefully this figure will increase with additional sponsorship as matters progress. The Heritage Park is included in this larger entity, as one of some 20 projects along the River Tees. This will help to secure the long term future of the Heritage Park, as a component of a much larger five year project which will have a significant effect on the future of the lower Tees valley. This should consolidate the effort that so many have made in the last 10 years to establish the Tees Heritage Park and gain some commitment to the principle of protection of the River Tees and it’s tributaries from those in positions of power and influence. The value of the Tees to those who live here and its’ value as an asset to the wider region are perhaps at last being properly appreciated.

River Tees Rediscovered now has a management board representing a variety of interests along the Tees and the Partnership Steering group comprising project leaders and other relevant contributors. The five year plan is being developed to build on what has been achieved, involving the communities along the river and will hopefully attract national interest. The projects vary widely and will highlight the natural and manmade attractions of our area . It was also reported that a river based business “River Shack” is working on a range of projects related to activities on the river. There is now a programme called Journey on the Tees on the BBC website which includes articles on River Tees Rediscovered/Tees Heritage Park

6. Updates as applicable

Stockton River Users Group: There have now been a number of trips on the river by enforcement officers and a variety of contacts made and reported
Area Partnership meetings: The focus for these groups has changed, and concentrating more on social/local issues. Support for the Heritage Park remains and it may be helpful to all, to report progress on River Tees Rediscovered next year.
Other meetings/correspondence/applications: It is likely that plans for fracking could have relevance for the Heritage Park, and Tees Rediscovered and the situation will be monitored.
Footpaths/river crossings: The access issues at Surtees Bridge are ongoing.
Friends of Preston Park: It was reported that FOPP will have it’s AGM on 23 September.

7. Planning applications/appeals affecting Tees Heritage Park – updates/action: The planning application at Busby Way is ongoing.

8. FTHP Membership policy/action:
The AGM was discussed and a date is to be decided. David Craig is helping with postage and the circulation of information for the AGM. This help is much appreciated by the group.
Web site/Newsletter: A newsletter is required.
Future Programme: See above.

9. AOB: nothing to report.

Date of Next meeting: To be confirmed

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