Committee June 2014

Minutes of a meeting of the Friends of Tees Heritage Park, held on 26 June 2014 at The Fox Covert at 7.00 pm

Present: Doug Nicholson, Jan Robinson, Norman Douglas, Phillip Addison, Christine Mundy, Tony Campbell, Mike Richardson, Trevor Jones (FOPP).

1. Apologies for absence: Pat Williams, Shane Sellers, Jan Arger, David Craig.

2. Minutes of previous meeting: Approved

3. Matters Arising
Concern was expressed at the state of the Leven River (large trees that have fallen into the river, impeding flow etc), together with the state of the footpaths. (DN/TC to look into)
A report has been produced on the potential future of the aviary at Preston Park. One possibility is that River Tees Rediscovered could make use of the structure, although this would require a new funding bid. This matter is to be raised with Reuben Kench in due course.

4.  Current Position and Future of Tees Heritage Park
It was reported that pamphlets are now ready for printing and that the new web site for Tees Rediscovered is underway. Velvet Communications are handling social media input. Progress is also being made on mobile phone and other internet access to provide better interaction on the site with the various contributors, such as Stockton Council and Tees Valley Wildlife Trust. There will be a small charge for these leaflet, to cover reprinting etc, and enquiries are to be made about possible run-on costs for further printing.

5. Progress Report on Tees Rediscovered Partnership and relationship to Tees Heritage Park:
Doug was delighted to report that the recent major funding bid had been successful. This will result in £1.9m to be match funded by up to £3.8m for projects along the Tees. The Tees Heritage Park is one of the projects included. In addition there is an executive Board now appointed to promote the project generally. The group welcomed this excellent news and acknowledged the hard work that had gone into the bid

6. Updates:
RUG:The Group is currently involved in a clean up and it is hoped that there will be a more positive approach from relevant authorities to on going river maintenance.
River Shack: This organisation is currently looking at the possibilities of providing rowing boats, floating restaurants and other interesting ideas.
Area Partnership Meetings: These have now become Locality Forums discussing a wide range of issues affecting the Stockton population generally. Philip continues to attend the Western Area Forum.
Other Matters: NTR
Footpaths, River Crossings etc. There is potentially more funding for small jetties for better access to the river buses with the long term aim of providing ferry crossings, a river bus service and river taxis. This funding will be available through the RTR funding.
Friends of Preston Park: FOPP will be running a photographic competition. The theme is to be Preston Park in the summer.

7. Planning Applications: NTR

A news letter is to be drafted.
Date for AGM to be considered.

Date of next meeting 28 August 2014медицинского монетизация