Committee – March 2015

Minutes of a meeting of the Friends of Tees Heritage Park, held

On 26 March 2015 at The Fox Covert at 7.00 pm

Present: Edwin Bradley (Thornaby resident), Christine Mundy, Doug Nicholson, Jan Robinson, Philip Addison, Norman Douglas, Trevor Jones/ Reg Rowlinson (FoPP) Tony Campbell

1. Apologies for absence: Pat Williams, Mike Richardson, David Craig, Marjorie Simpson

2. Minutes of previous meeting: Minutes accepted.

3. Matters arising: Tony Campbell is now receiving all relevant information in relation to walks from River Tees Rediscovered. Members will need to be reminded to check the new Tees Heritage Park website.

There is now an arrangement with the Canal and Rivers Trust that their people will be able to volunteer for certain types of work on the river. The situation regarding a new community boat facility is being pursued and enforcement officer presence on river should be resolved. The group welcomed these developments and thanked Tony for his determination in pursuing these arrangements.

4. Tees Heritage Park future:

The Stockton Draft Development Plan is in the course of being produced. The Plan appears to be treating the Heritage Park as a single entity, an approach very much welcomed by the group. Doug referred to FTHP comments to strengthen wording for maximum protection

5. Progress report on River Tees Rediscovered Partnership and relationship to Tees Heritage Park:

Planning is proceeding in relation to the river linkages. There are currently proposals to establish ferries and river taxis, with the intention of linking footpaths on both sides of the river, which will improve continuity for walkers. SBC RUG grouup are researching possible sites along the river for these stop off points.

The launch for Tees Rediscovered, held at Middlesbrough College, went well. There was encouraging support from the business community.

6. Updates as applicable on :

Stockton River Users Group – Cleanups are continuing, together with efforst to tackle invasive species, especially on Round Hill at Ingleby Barwick. In addition there is to be more tree planting at sites which have yet to be decided.

Other meetings/correspondence/applications etc Footpaths/river crossings: See below

Friends of Preston Park – Aviary use – interesting ideas on possible ways the Aviary can be brought back into use continue to be pursued. Reg Rowlinson tabled some sketches for discussion. It was felt that a meeting was needed to pursue some of these ideas as part of a wider plan for this part of Preston Park

6. Planning applications/appeals affecting Tees Heritage Park – updates/action: It was felt that there is a need for clarity regarding some planning applications, which risk encroaching on the Heritage Park. Further clarification of boundaries is required and should be established in the Local Plan.

There is a rumour of a possible planning proposal close to Round Hill.


Membership policy/action: Further to an email from David Craig, it was felt that a trip on the Teesside Princess was going to be too expensive for the group.

Web site/Newsletter: NTR

Future Programme – keep under review.

8. AOB. None

Date of Next meeting: Thursday 28 May 2015.ошибка 404 страница не найдена как исправить