Phase 1 of the Heritage Park development ‘code name’ Gateway Project included development of footpaths, artworks and signal posts. The artist Keith Barret worked with local school children to develop ideas and created models which were then turned into full scale landscape artworks.  The images below follow the sequence of this project.

The Students made site visits seeking inspiration

Egglescliffe Site Visit (1)

Egglescliffe Site Visit (5)

Then created 3d concept models

Egglescliffe High Workshops (4)

Preston Primary Workshop (1)

All Saints High (7)

CTK Workshop

The students models completed and displayed along with the artists work.

Egglescliffe School Sculptures (20)

Preston Primary  Sculpture (11)

Bowesfield Workshops (1)

Image 003

Black Bobbies Thornaby

Exh.Mod 001

Exh.Mod 016

Exh.Mod 024

Exh.Mod 027

Exh.Mod 028

Exh.Mod 030

Exh.Mod 034

Construction begins and continues through the wettest 18 months for many years!






And continues until completion

Bassleton Beck Valley

Bassleton Beck Valley 2

Bassleton Beck valley



Black Bobbies'

Black Bobbies'2

Bowesfield Nature Reserve

Bowesfield Nature Reserve 2

Bowesfield Nature Reserve


Horseshoe Bend-The Holmes

Horseshoe Bend, The Holmes 2

Horseshoe Bend, The Holmes


Preston Park

Preston Park


Preston Farm Signal Post