Signal Posts and Technology

At ten of the main access points to the Tees Heritage Park are ”Signal Posts”. These are to identify the location and also, using modern mobile phone technology, provide information to the visitor.

Cast in steel, these posts have been designed by environmental artist Keith Barrett with a unique centre plate naming the area. At the centre of this is a QR code tag. By scanning this tag with a mobile smart phone, a map and description of the area is transmitted via the internet to the phone in the form of an ”info” page.

To be able to access this information requires a smart phone and a QR Reader app. These are often found as standard on modern smartphones or can be easily downloaded to the phone whatever the type or make.

It has been established that all the Signal Posts are located where a good signal can be obtained from the majority of network providers.

All ”info” pages provide a menu to enable the user to view details of the Gateway Project, information about other locations and access to our main FTHP website in mobile phone format.

By clicking on the signal post image you will be directed to a page displaying the ‘info’ pages that would result from scanning the QR Tag.